Il Magistrale - Mr. Cero Cero

Il Magistrale - Mr. Cero Cero

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Cero punto cero cero cero cero..
Mr. Cero Cero is that cyclist who claims not having used caffeine during his training rides. It is the guy we all know who only rides on bread and water, panyagua. As we know today caffeine is not on the list of items you cannot use during your performances on the bike and a lot of our friends like to drink a cup of coffee in the evening AND have a solid night of deep sleep. If you are this friend you should try this decaffeinated arabica coffee. It has been used by several pro-cyclists who take their rest periods seriously.

Favorite decaf coffee of: Alberto Contador

Taste Description
Mr. Cero Cero is a great smelling medium espresso roast with nice flavours of milk chocolate, sweet apples and butterscotch. The aroma is not very powerful and offers a medium body. The coffee holds a fresh apple sweetness and a chocolate milk finish. This is a great coffee to enjoy as an espresso after dinner without the caffeine kick of normal coffee beans.

We already won several tasting contests where people thought they were drinking a normal espresso. Let's test your taste buds!

Flavour Notes
     Chocolate & Caramel: 50%
     Nuts & Spices: 0%
     Fruit & Berries: