Kona Rove NRB

Kona Rove NRB

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Size: 54

You’re deep in a dream, floating smoothly across the most picturesque road on the Italian coastline, or NorCal, or SoCal, or Ireland. The road is winding and fast, and you’re absolutely crushing the KMs. You look down to find yourself aboard the Rove NRB and can’t help but smile. It’s perfect. Its aluminum frame is lightweight and strong. Its 650B tires whisk you up and down the rollercoaster-like roads while the tears fly from your eyes, and you grin from ear-to-ear. You’re smiling not just because the bike feels amazing but because it has everything you need—mounts for gear, comfortable geo, fast-rolling tires, reliable components—and you spent way less than the other riders did on their fancy rigs. Ride smarter and harder on the Rove NRB.